The Desco 76 is the most modern trawler of its kind, taking full advantage of advanced composite construction and materials to greatly reduce the costly maintenance associated with these types of vessels. In fact, most structural components are made from fiberglass or FRP composites, including: hull, hull stringers, deck beams and main deck. Not only does the use of these materials reduce maintenance, they are also much stronger than typical wood construction. plus, they will never decay!

In addition to the increased use of composites there have been over 10 major improvements made to the original design. Each of these improvements were made to enhance functionality, increase safety, decrease maintenance and provide a more seaworthy vessel for the fishing industry.

You can now own a Desco 76 from our shipyard in St. Augustine, Florida. St. Augustine Marine boasts years of experience in the construction of quality ships for fishing fleets all over the world and is also part of one of the largest, privately-owned boat building groups in the country.

Go to our Interactive call out page to view materials, construction, an improved design of the Desco 76.

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